Silverchair provides high-touch development and strategy services to help our publishers launch new digital products, expand existing offerings, and keep pace with evolving standards and practices.

Our clients are prestigious brands publishing the highest-quality content. This requires more than an out-of-the-box platform with core functionality and configuration capabilities. Silverchair supports publisher experimentation and innovation through strong branding and interface control​, software development services & customization​, and flexible tools that support self-serve sites and products​.

In all this, we place extra focus on a culture of service and the quality of the relationships we build with our clients. Beyond project-based interactions, our engagement model includes multi-tiered strategic product meetings and an active publisher community, building the foundation for long-term collaborative partnerships.

What clients say about our services:

“They are extremely accessible. They are guiding us in our thinking, we are guiding them in their thinking, and I think that’s a real unique experience working with third parties. That is really critical to us – that sense of partnership.” —Oxford University Press
``Professional. Smart. Competent.`` —Kelvin Scott, ASM International
``Their customer service is top notch.`` —Rob O'Donnell, Rockefeller University Press
``I have been impressed with the openness of Silverchair's customer service efforts. Their willingness to meet and tackle issues head on is fantastic and bodes well for a long relationship!`` —Client Satisfaction Survey
``I am impressed by how the Silverchair team have applied themselves to find practical, workable solutions that enable us to achieve our goals. At the same time, the team at Silverchair have been very good company on our journey.`` —Rod Cookson, IWA Publishing
``Silverchair's relationship-building efforts are stellar.`` —Michael Muscat, AACN

Our team is the best in the business

With Silverchair you will work with a variety of highly skilled, specialized teams, including:


Executives and product leadership that have been designing and building successful scholarly and professional publishing products on our platform for over 20 years

User experience

Deeply engaged interface designers who engage in research and feedback to constantly adapt to customer needs and behaviors


Experienced strategic account managers and highly responsive operations support


A core team at Silverchair that has been working with BITS and JATS XML since its inception and have performed more than 20 content set migrations from prior platforms

Customer Success

The internal client advocate, responsible for relationship management, support, and escalation, working with a highly available and responsive Support team to address client needs

Your peer team

By choosing Silverchair, join a large and diverse peer group of prestigious independent society publishers, commercial publishers, major university presses, and the U.S. government

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