Clients of all sizes benefit from our robust suite of self-serve site management tools allowing publisher staff to manage all facets of their sites, including subscription and access management, content uploading, production and publication management, web page editing and layout, collection creation, e-commerce management, and reporting and analytics.

These tools empower publishers to manage all relevant activities on their own, in real time, so that their organization can respond and adapt to business and mission needs.


SiteManager includes a sophisticated subscription and account management module that allows publisher staff (and/or designated agents) to control order entry and user account management. The system can be used for real-time subscription/account management, problem solving, and institutional account setup and maintenance.


SiteBuilder allows users to create and launch new publishing sites using a template or by uploading a custom configuration. After creating a site, users can customize homepage layout, widgets, navigation, custom CSS, and more. SiteBuilder also enables users to react to market changes by enabling them to create custom topic-driven collection sites for user access and discoverability.

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ProductBuilder allows users to create custom products. This tool enables partners to create bundles of content on the fly, set content to freely accessible, and to customize collections that go hand in hand with your Collection site.

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Zipline is Silverchair’s module for online content loading and workflow management. All article, proceeding, and books content for a publisher, including supplemental material and issue metadata, is loaded to the Silverchair Platform via Zipline, our automated content loading system. Zipline is a self-service automated content publishing system that allows publishers and/or their composition vendors to upload content, preview it, and schedule it for publication.

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Silverchair’s reporting and analytics offering is not merely a collection of pre-compiled usage reports delivered via the web—it is a multi-layered solution designed for both basic and advanced users.  While we provide and recognize the importance of traditional publication reports, our primary strategy is focused on unlocking the Silverchair Platform usage data and surfacing it quantitatively and visually to publishers via a sophisticated analytics platform.

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Silverchair Composer is an optional extension of the omni-format content capabilities of the Silverchair Platform with support for “semi-structured content,” such as blogs, commercial or sponsored content, journalistic features, marketing pieces, news, or white papers. Read more about the tool here.

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