Since our founding in 1993, Silverchair has been headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the years, we expanded to include several remote employees and recently shifted to a full hybrid work model, and yet, our physical location in Charlottesville continues to influence and contribute to our culture.

Outside of work, local Silvercharians spend time attending art shows and concerts, visiting historic and modern attractions, enjoying the beautiful natural setting, and discovering new restaurants. We recently chatted with several local team members to talk about what makes this such a great place to live and work. Hear their thoughts in the video below, or read our top 5 favorite things about our city.


#1: The Food & Drink Scene

Charlottesville is an excellent place to be a foodie. From fine french cuisine to incredible food trucks and late-night bar food, there's something for everyone and for every occasion. The Charlottesville 29 is a great place to get started in your food journey—here, local foodie Simon Davidson maintains a list of the top 29 restaurants in town, along with recommendations from local chefs and fellow food lovers.

In addition to lively bars and great restaurants, Cville and its surrounding environs are home to an abundance of top-notch breweries and beautiful wineries. To say nothing of cideries, meaderies, and more!

Three Notch'd Brewing Company is a Silverchair staple, with its Craft Kitchen only a short walk away from the downtown office. The brewery is host to our weekly company happy hours, and it provides a fun atmosphere, great food, and even better beer to wind down and connect with one another.

On the weekend, we're just a short, scenic drive to more than 30 beautiful wineries. One of our favorites is King Family Vineyards, which offers a stunning view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, plenty of food truck options, and, between the months of May and October, weekly polo matches, which visitors can watch for free while sipping and snacking.


#2: The Downtown Mall

Remember those restaurants we mentioned? The downtown pedestrian mall is the go-to place for many of the most fabulous restaurants in Charlottesville. The best part? It’s also where Silverchair’s office is located. (Read more about our historic building here.)

The Downtown Mall features an abundance of restaurants: small cafes & coffee shops, yummy lunch places, and some incredible dinner spots. From pizza to sushi to burgers, you’ll easily find your new favorite eatery. Favorite mid-workday spots for Silverchairians include Baggby's, Jack Brown's, and Citizen Bowl. Post-work, it's Rapture for beer & billiards, Tilman's for wine and cheese trays, or Brasserie Saison for the best martinis in town.

The outdoor mall is also home to boutique clothing shops, bookstores, and an outdoor event venue—The Pavilion—which hosts free concerts every Friday in the summers (Fridays After Five).

No matter what you’re looking to experience in Charlottesville, this is the place to be.


#3: The University of Virginia / John Paul Jones Arena

The University of Virginia also calls Cville home. With college comes college sports, providing ample opportunities for enjoying everything from football to baseball and from basketball to lacrosse.

One of the main sporting venues, John Paul Jones Arena (JPJ) also serves as a music venue, and has attracted such artists as Miranda Lambert, The Lumineers, Panic! At the Disco, Dave Matthews Band (Cville natives), Twenty One Pilots, and Def Leppard in recent years.

JPJ is just one of many incredible music venues in Charlottesville, however. You'll take in great shows at the Jefferson Theater, the Paramount, and The Southern, as well as at many of the food and drink venues around town.


#4: Community Events

As a college town filled with history and eclectic residents, Cville's community events are in no short supply, and run the gamut from charitable to hysterical. Nonprofit events & fundraisers, art shows & initiatives, plays, running/cycling clubs, tech conferences, and so much more.

One community event staple is the weekly farmer’s market. Here, local vendors share their artwork, amazing food and drinks, and a variety of homemade products. This is the perfect example of a community event that really does attract and have something for everyone.

One of Silverchair's favorite community events is the TomTom Founders Festival. TTFF has evolved over the years and offers music, education, community building, and inspirational thought leadership.


#5: The Blue Ridge Mountains & Shenandoah Valley

Finally, no list detailing the perks of living in Cville would be complete without mention of its unique natural beauty. Nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Shenandoah Valley, Cville is driving distance to incredible hikes, scenic views, lakes, and more. Whether your thing is skiing, rock climbing, camping, swimming, or just chilling with a cold drink and soaking in the scenery, this area has it covered.

Within driving distance are Shenandoah National Park, the Appalachian Trail, and Washington, DC.

One Cville must-do: a sunset (or sunrise!) hike at Humpback Rock.


Charlottesville has so much to offer, and this list only scratches the surface. Many Silverchairians appreciate that Cville is a relatively small town, yet there are plenty of experiences and activities just a quick walk down the street or a short drive up the road. But don't take our word for it—hear from our people in the video above, or swing by for a visit!

Want to make Cville your home? Check out our Careers page for current openings.

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