Since the pandemic, Silverchair has implemented a fully hybrid working model. This allows Silverchairians to come into the office or work from home, depending on their own need and preferences. Silverchair is proud to offer absolute flexibility to our people—fully embracing remote work while also offering a comfortable and beautiful coworking space in historic downtown Charlottesville.

The hybrid environment is a feature that the people of Silverchair love, so take it directly from them:

“Silverchair really leaned into the remote working environment and allows people to do what makes sense for them. So, a lot of people like to come into the office to socialize and make sure you can collaborate, but you are also encouraged to work from home if it makes more sense for your work-life balance.”

We encourage people to choose their own experiences, so if you prefer working from home—great! If you want to work in the office with your teams, that’s awesome, too!”

“It is truly hybrid in that we approach problems in a way that we can still solve them over video conference, over telephones, over emails, but we’re having more and more opportunities to walk down the hall and knock on someone’s door. We’re still investing a lot in how to connect with people virtually.

“The hybrid culture at Silverchair is really great. I actually started remote and it’s been awesome because even though I started remote I feel very connected to my co-workers. I feel like I know them, I can reach out to them about anything, and not a day goes by that I don’t call one of them for something. Our work here involves a lot of contact with one another and it’s been a good experience.”

“Throughout the pandemic, it actually didn’t feel that isolating because I was constantly on the phone, having those activities that we would have in the office. If you’re stopping by someone’s desk - you can just say, ‘Hey, can I ask you a question?’ Instead, it’s like, ‘Hey, can I just call you up?’”

“We embraced hybrid work and, for me, that’s been great. I have a 1.5-year-old so the timing with being able to work remotely was beneficial especially for me.”

“Silverchair has worked very hard to create an environment that’s flexible, successful, but productive for its employees, and it’s seamless.”

“The hybrid working environment was a really pleasant surprise for all of us. We figured out very quickly that we can work seamlessly, easily, with lots of collaboration when we’re hybrid; and it gives people flexibility to be home, to be in the office if that’s better for them. I just feel like it was this incredibly successful experiment with really no downside.”


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