As Silverchair clients know, in each of our sprintly (every 3 weeks) platform release notes emails, we feature a spotlight on a Silverchair staff member. These spotlights include the “in a nutshell” version of what they do at Silverchair, a tip or trick for clients, and more. When conducting these interviews, we’ve also collected a number of “Fun Facts” over the years, and they tell you all you need to know about the diverse interests and backgrounds of our multi-talented workforce.

Company picnic group shot

Here’s a sampling:

Eileen, Business Analyst

  • Before coming to Silverchair, I worked for 10 years as a wildlife biologist, during which time I got to study songbirds, seabirds, birds of prey, beetles, and even snakes.
Milena, Senior Product Owner

  • I played maracas in a rock band, as a backup percussionist.
Emily, Senior Business Analyst

  • I keep a shovel in my car in case I run across any adoptable stray plants.
Andy, Tech Lead

  • I belong to a local makerspace and am into desktop fabrication.  One of my bigger projects was building an R2D2 replica with a friend and we have taken it out to several events. Pictured is R2 and me on the helicopter pad at a local hospital after a visit.

Brian, UX Design Manager

  • I’m from the same town as Jerry Seinfeld—Massapequa, Long Island—who said it’s Native American for, “Near the mall.”
Stephanie, Senior Marketing Manager

  • I'm a published poet and used to serve as the Poetry Editor of a literary magazine. As a very...wordy person, I love being forced to be concise and consider each word.
Addy, SQA Manager

  • I’m Puerto Rican, I was born and raised in Brooklyn, Lived in Massachusetts for a decade, then moved to Virginia where I currently reside. Depending on who I’m talking to my accent can revert back to Brooklyn, Puerto Rican, or even New England. It has also picked up some Virginia inflections over the last few years. Generally at my most comfortable it’s a combination of heavy Brooklyn with some Virginian accents.
Christine, Tech Lead

  • I grow hot peppers in the summer, currently a collection of scotch bonnet and jalapeños. I like to concoct and can my own hot pepper sauce, jellies etc.
Patrick, Senior Business Analyst

  • My dad’s name is Michael Jordan. He isn’t very good at basketball but that is his name. It was a bigger deal growing up in Illinois in the 90s.
Meredith, Associate DevOps Engineer

  • I volunteer sewing costumes for historical re-enactors and teach elementary age kids a variety of colonial skills. I also attend lectures and museum events where topical historical costuming is welcome.
Allison, Business Analyst

  • I was drum major of my high school marching band. This totally got me out of my shy shell. I also played rugby (scrum-half) in college for 2 semesters. I was in the best shape, but tackling people made me nervous.
Will, SQA Engineer

  • I play guitar and baritone guitar in a few musical projects that span several genres.

Speaking of music, a fun fact about our CEO Thane Kerner is that he has his own IMDB entry as the longtime art director for fellow Cville natives Dave Matthews Band. Inspired by everything from our hobbies to our backgrounds, Silverchairians offer no shortage of fresh perspectives and unique approaches to problems, and that's exactly what makes this a great team to grow with.

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