Silverchair is proud to offer absolute flexibility to our people - fully embracing remote work while also offering a comfortable and beautiful coworking space in historic downtown Charlottesville. (Read more about the building’s history here and why we love Cville here.) 

Founded in 1993, Silverchair employs over 120 business and technology professionals dedicated to making the world’s most valuable knowledge accessible to all.  

When the pandemic forever altered the way that our workplaces look and operate, Silverchair leaned into the opportunity to make our space serve our people in this new age of working. Before the pandemic, our office had hit maximum capacity, with workstations crammed into every inch of space, and a dire shortage of meeting rooms. Now, with the majority of our workforce still working remotely on any given day, we have room to spread out and create new, better, more people-centered spaces.  

First to go were the crammed workstations. Thirty-two cubicles were removed to make room for the new “Library” – a hygge-happy quiet space for heads-down work. Likewise, several offices were converted into additional meeting rooms, since collaborative spaces are a big reason why our people come to the office. Two other offices have been transformed into Wellness rooms: spaces for nursing mothers, for yoga, for meditation, or even a midday nap.  


We also added a game room, bar, cooktop, and large farmhouse table to our second floor, in what is now known as “The Silver Bistro” – a space for shared meals and after-hours gatherings. Workspaces near our 4th floor reception area were converted to rolling, adjustable standing desks, so they could be easily moved or reconfigured for events in our elegant new ballroom down the road.  

Finally, we adopted a new tech-enabled building access system through which team members can reserve an individual workstation, see who else is in the office on which days (helpful for collaboration), and complete a health screening before entering the building to support our collective health.  

For us, the spaces (both virtual and physical) that we create for our people are a reflection of our values, and we welcome you to ours! 

Check out photos of our office below, and read more about our culture and current opportunities at

Hardware Store reception after renovation

hybrid workplace

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