Silverchair is committed to supporting our team members not just as employees through professional development and role support, but as whole people. This mindset is built into everything our company does; here are a few examples of what that looks like:

  • The Wellness Corner: Our weekly company digest includes a column for Silverchairians to share wellness-related ideas and become informed about wellness resources. Topics range from plant care to imposter syndrome, to the benefits of rest, and far beyond.
  • Corporate Perks: In addition to active cultural development, there are also wellness-focused benefits to being a Silvercharian, including discounts to nearby gyms and local businesses. Read the full list here.
  • Free Calm Subscription: Silverchair provides employees with a free subscription to Calm, the #1 app for meditation and mental fitness. Whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes, Calm’s diverse content library offers resources to suit your schedule and needs. Explore guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video and audio, relaxing Sleep Stories, tailored content for children, wisdom-filled masterclasses led by experts, and much more.
  • Mental Health Support: Silverchair's medical coverage includes the Employee Assistance Program (which offers professional guidance navigating mental health, financial or legal concerns) and a subscription to Health Advocate, a concierge service that offers healthcare, insurance, and well-being support to help employees reach their best health.
  • Flexible Work Environment: We are a hybrid workplace that offers employees the flexibility of remote work alongside convenient coworking and gathering spaces in a beautiful, historic building on Charlottesville’s downtown pedestrian mall (read more about our remote & hybrid practices here).
  • Wellness Rooms: Our downtown Charlottesville office space also provides rooms dedicated to wellness—whether that's some midday yoga, a meditation, or a space for new mothers—to support all aspects of your wellbeing. Other spaces in the building offer comfortable (hygge-inspired) lounge furniture, healthy snack options, and a plethora of plants.
Our internal employee Advisory Group constantly brainstorms and suggests new ways of promoting employee wellness, and all members of our community are actively encouraged to help us continue to develop our culture. Wellness takes many forms, and we are committed to supporting our people in new and varied ways as the opportunities arise.

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